As a visionary Sanjoy Dasgupta saw a great opportunity for the two major powers India and China . He fostered greater relationships with China taking into account the formidable technological and manufacturing expertise the country had and if integrated with the software skills which India has become a leader .He felt there would be a very high respect for the two countries as they would command the largest market in the world.

Sanjoy Dasgupta always wanted India-China relationships to be taken to a very high level where the two countries leverage their competencies to be world leaders by building relationships , co-operation and collaboration in areas of expertise, exchange of people and technologies etc.

Sanjoy Dasgupta's futuristic thinking and visionary ideas was recognized when the leadership of the Haidian district Beijing which is called the Silicon Valley of China invited him to be their chief advisor on IT .

His popularity was very high among the people he used to interact in Haidian. His always was inspiring speeches and there would be a crowd after each talk he would have made. He would always stress on value creation for the creative minds of Chinese and Indian technocrats who immensely contributed to the world's technology. Sanjoy Dasgupta had a lot of admiration for two popular Chinese Mao Tse Tung and Confucius.

He admired the teachings and thinkings of Confucius the great Chinese thinker very much . On one of his visits he made sure that he visited the birthplace OF Confucius in Qufu shandong Province in China.

As a keen follower of history he used to always interact with the local Chinese and understand the history of the region .He admired the kind of courtesy and hospitality the Chinese used to offer him. hghgfhghgfhfghhhghffdfdsffsdfdsf( KK Boppanna)

This recognition was conferred on Sanjoy on April 2nd,2004. In a book titled Indian Expert as Chief Advisor, the Mayor Zhou Lianglou wrote on March 20th 2005, "Professor Sanjoy Das Gupta, an Indian software industry expert, is the first foreigner appointed as the Haidian District Mayor's Chief Expert Advisor for the software industry. Since his appointment in April 2004, Prof. Das Gupta has shown us the essence of India's experience of developing its software industry…………the ideas, approaches, information and resources that Prof. Das Gupta introduced have combined to add immense power and vitality to the development of Zhongguancun's service industries………I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Prof. Das Gupta. With his devotion and care, he showed that he is sincerely committed to offering real help to China in general and Beijing's Haidian District in particular."

In a condolence message, the Mayor wrote "We were shocked to learn the sad loss of this great tutor and friend of ours. As the Chinese saying goes, "if the God were emotional, He would also regret it'."




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